Nimman Firm




The masterpiece of our authentic natural Thai Latex made from a perfect blend of cream-of-the-cream Latex created to offer exceptional firmness with 2 different layers of thickness & supporting densities by impeccable combination of 10 cm thick Latex layer placed a 15 cm solid Latex base. Nimman firm offers outstanding support with firmer sensation to your body that will offer a relaxing combination of comfort and support to a wide range of body types for the best night sleep. The whole range of ergonomic support and true relaxation is achievable only via the key property of Latex that allows the body contour to rest in its most natural position and alignment of the spine unlike no other materials. The mattress simply conform itself to the curves of the body like the clouds on the Heavens above. 
• Design:   Ergotech
• Height:    27 cm.
• Comfort Layer:   Premium Filament Pad
• Weight Support System:  Latex 25 cm.
• Mattress Cover: Tencel 
• Treatment:   Dust Mite Protection Coating


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