RESTIER is a leading Thai brand of natural Latex luxury bedding, Latex Topper Mattresses. Equipped with dedicated research and a passionate product development team to understand the modern needs of luxurious sleep, RESTIER has created an indulgent selection of award-winning and regionally acclaimed bedding and bed furnishing products, combining the superb quality of Thai natural Latex with superior ergonomics design, innovation, and ‘green’ manufacturing, infused with the meticulous spirit of Thai artisans.

Renowned for its uncompromising stance on luxurious quality and purist belief of a true ‘renewal’ through nature’s purity, RESTIER is being fast recognized as a leading international ‘green’ , relevant to modern day living indulgences. Experience the ultimate comfort and support with RESTIER's Latex Topper Mattresses, crafted with the finest Thai natural Latex Mattresses and Healthy designed to enhance your sleep experience.

100% Natural Touch

Restier's Healthy mattresses feature concentrated natural Latex, free from residues, toxins, and heavy metals. They have minimal odor and are safe for both your health and the environment.


RestsolationTM Technology

Experience the revolutionary Restier Restsolation Technology. reduce partner disturbance by up to 10 times, ensuring uninterrupted sleep.


Breathable Airflow

Restier's products are made from superior natural rubber. That adds to the outstanding production process that helps in better ventilation than before.


Ergonomic balance

Restier offers a combination of top-notch quality latex Mattresses with innovative and ergonomic design. It helps relieve back pain and improve blood circulation, which brings a fresh start to your new day.


Restier Restsolation Technology

Unlock the Secret to Uninterrupted Sleep

Restier Restsolation Technology is a cutting-edge innovation designed to provide an enhanced sleep experience. as it offers minimal disturbances, excellent ventilation, temperature regulation, and superior support. It creates an ideal sleep environment that contributes to a restful and restorative night's sleep.


Encompasses a wide range of products tailored to meet the needs of individuals with sleep issues

With sophisticated experience and unparalleled development expertise, Restier has been developing our own innovative pillow designs for years in order to offer the most outstanding ergonomic comfort and innovations for you.

All models are made of cream-of-the-cream Latex Mattresses quality with meticulous design based on the true understanding of ergonomics in order to offer outstanding support for the upper body, from shoulder to head, from the neck to spine. Our pillows are a perfect fit for any head size or shape.

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